Branch Constitution

          1. The name of the club shall be Carryduff Manchester United Supporters Club

2. The Presidency of the club at present held by John Dempsey shall remain in place until:

a. The Current President resigns.

b. 51% of the current membership request a change.

3. The aims of the club are:

a. To stimulate interest in the support of Manchester United Football Club.

b. Arrange travel to and from matches, as a club.

c. Engage in activities which promote and support the club.

d. Foster extended relationships between supporters and staff of Manchester United Football Club.

e. To particularly stimulate interest in Manchester United Football Club in the junior members through appropriate activities.

4. The management and control of the club shall be vested in a committee elected at the Annual General Meeting to be held during May or June of each year.

5. The Committee must consist of no more than 11 persons. Which consist of:


Vice Chairperson

Branch Secretary

Membership Secretary


Assistant Treasurer

Other Committee Members

6. A Minimum of half the said committee shall constitute a quorum.

7. Committee meetings shall be held at least once each month as the Committee shall direct.

The committee members shall attend at least 6 such meetings or forfeit their position.

8. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened at the request, in writing to the Branch Secretary, of no less than 25% of members eligible to vote. Such a meeting shall be held within 30 days of the request. Agenda and motions submitted shall be circulated to all members.

9. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members and to appoint any sub-committee and shall prescribe the function of any sub-committee.

10. One parent/guardian, of a junior member (16 years and under) must attend with that junior member, any functino or game at the member's price, before subsidies. The nominated adult must be notified to the organiser of any trip.

11. No alteration of the constitution may be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for this purpose.

12. The treasurer shall keep an account of all income and expenditure and shall submit accounts at the end of each year.

All questions with regard to expenditure and income should be resolved as they arise. Any member requesting an update in writing should apply in writing through the Branch Secretary stating their reasons. A reply shall be issued within 7 days of the committee considering such an application.

The banking account shall be in the name of Carryduff Manchester United Supporters Club and withdrawals shall be made in the name of the club on the signature of any two of the following:

1. Chairperson

2. Branch Secretary

3. Treasurer

4. Assistant Treasurer

13. The committee shall have the power to withdraw the membership of or fine any member who:

a. Is deemed to have brought the club into disrepute.

b. Drinks alcohol on the coach.

c. Commits any act of violence.

d. Sells a ticket to an unauthorised source without permission of the Branch Secretary.

e. Fails to attend the requisite number of meetings.

f. Uses excessive foul language.

g. Makes a religious or racist comment.

h. Wears any other team colours other than those of Manchester United Football Club at any official function or matches.

i. Fails to control any of their guests attending a match or official function.

14. Any assets remaining on the dissolution of the Supporters Club after satisfying any outstanding debts and liabilities shall be distributed to a Charity of the Committee's choosing.

15. Any matter not provided for in the Constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision shall be deemed final.

16. All nominees for Committee shall be notified to the Branch Secretary 4 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

a. A member shall only propose one member for committee.

b. A member may second as many people as they wish for committee.

c. Any member proposed for the Committee elections shall be in attendance at the time of the elections.

d. A member can however be represented by proxy.

17. Deposits for travel to a game shall be paid as soon as a member submits their name. If a member subsequently withdraws their name they will only be refunded if their place is filled.

18. In the event that a trip is oversubscribed then priority will be given to members who have attended the most Branch meetings for the current season.

 Allocation of match tickets will be decided by the Membership Secretary or his/her representative who shall be another member of the committee.

20. With effect from 25th May 2012, all current Branch members (i.e. those members registered with the Branch in season 2011-12) with all subscriptions fully paid-up to date shall have a right to vote on any Branch business. All new members (i.e. those members joining the Branch for the first time in season 2012-13 or thereafter) must be a Branch member for 5 years before being allowed to vote on club matters or stand for election to the Committee.


21. Membership of the Carryduff Manchester United Supporters' Club shall remain open throughout the season for all members of the Official Manchester United Membership Scheme operated at Old Trafford.

Branch Committee

31st May 2016


NB. If any Branch member wishes to suggest any amendments to the Constitution please make this known to the Committee. Changes can only be made at an Extraordinary General Meeting or the AGM - see item 8 of the Constitution.


No, but please read on. This is something that many people have asked to do. The purpose of a supporters club is to go as a group. We organise trips to most home games but on occasion we cannot get enough people to attend and may have to cancel and tickets become available. We do this as late as possible so it sometimes doesn't suit people to get the cheap flights across.

Trip prices are based on a full coach going to a game. If a seat on the coach is empty then the price will have to go up for the remaining members and we don't wish to do this. Some people have paid to cover the cost of the coach/ferry in the past in order to be guaranteed a ticket to do their own thing. This can be expensive and we don't encourage it as it's against the aim of the club. But it is available.

For legal reasons we are not able to bring a non-member to games. This is because our constitution states that our members agree that the trip is organised for on their behalf as part of a group with a common interest. This satisfies legal requirements as set down by law and monitored by Trading Standards. Many people aren't aware that anyone who organises any 2 aspects of a trip requires a license to do so. There are certain exceptions which we have made every effort to meet.

There is no reason why you family member cannot join us as a member.

Our meetings are held weekly. You don't have to attend but all updates are given at meetings and that is the best place to get up to date information. We do our best to update the website but sometimes we can't keep up with the demand for certain games and you may find that some of the games are sold out very quickly.

The constitution states that you must attend a minimum number of meetings but we haven't as yet withdrawn any memberships from people who were not able to attend because of other commitments on meeting nights. (Meetings are held almost every week)

It's quite straight forward really. You can turn up at one of our meetings and join. The cost is nil at present due to the current financial climate but there are subs of £1 per week, which if paid in full.

i.e. £40 will cover until the end of the season

If you wish, and you have the budget, you can go to any game. The cost is £160 per adult and £130 per junior under 16. Games are organised well in advance and members are updated at every meeting with regard to availability. We usually travel the day before the game and return the day after. Midweek games are different. Prices vary from £89 regardless of junior or adult status. Most of these trips do not require an overnight stay.

We do our best to update as soon as news is available from the branch secretary and Old Trafford about date changes and ticket availability. The website is organised on a voluntary basis so we don't have someone available full-time to update ticket news. Certain aspects such as news are done automatically through RSS feeds.

The most up to date information is given on a Tuesday night at meetings. We make every effort to keep you informed if we have your email address.

Our club is run by a Committee of 11 people. They are responsible for everything that goes on in the club on behlaf of the members. We hold two events each year. A Night at the Races and an Annual dinner dance around Christmas time. From time to time we will organise a bigger function at somewhere like City Hall or the Europa as a fundraiser for charity. This is usually attended by someone from Old Trafford.

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